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Sponsor an African Scholar (SAAS) is an Irish charity (Charity Number CHY 17318) that provides sustainable solutions to communities in Kenya. SAAS was founded in early 2006 in response to the exploitation being experienced by young people and their families who live in extreme poverty.


Due to the ongoing pandemic of Coronavirus all over the world, we wish to extend our thoughtful prayers to all our donors and friends. We hope that you are keeping safe and adhering to the precautions.

We remember those who are working in hospitals, GPs, and health centers. We appreciate you, we love you. We pray for your continued strength and protection.

We also remember those that are infected or affected by COVID 19. May they have a speedy recovery and find peace in their hearts. Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed, it means the damage no longer controls our inner selves.

You may not be able to control this virus or its effects BUT you can control how you live and being positive is just better and can help. The power of positivity during this crisis can spread and help others during this difficult time. We are all praying for your health and safety.

#StayPositive ♥

Our Splendid Benefactors

SAAS also have some alliance who support them in sending children to school in addition to acquire some learning materials like computers, stationeries and office equipment. Feel free to go through their website and we welcome any kind of help so as we can assist a needy child to school.