Abubakar finished his primary education in 2018 but has not yet reported to school due to lack of school fees.

Family Background

Abubakar lives with his grandfather who is elderly and ... more

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Where We Work: A Profile of Kongowea

Kongowea is situated in Mombasa, Kenya. There are 250,000 residents, many of whom lack basic necessities such as running water and electricity. Many families live in a single room and share primitive cooking and sanitation facilities.

About 95% of the people of Kongowea are poor and survive on below $1 per day which is equivalent to KShs 67 (Sixty seven Kenyan Shillings). Most of the people are unemployed, others work as casual labourers such as house help, vegetable vendors, water vendors, charcoal vendors or commercial sex workers. The majority of children are out of school having been forced out due to lack of fees. With no education their future is bleak.

Not only does the lack of education hinder their employment and earning prospects. Lacking any hope for the future the children are likely to descend into crime, drug abuse, prostitution and inevitably an early death. By making a donation to SAAS or by sponsoring a student you can make a difference and restore hope to these children.

Nora Doyle's trip to Kongowea