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Maths Summer Camp 2019

Our 12th summer Maths camp this time round took place from the 13th to the 17th of August 2019. This is the 6th time since we started hosting maths camp in the SAAS premises. It’s an annual event which goes on for 5 days. The attendance was very pleasing as we had around 70 students who came for the maths camp on a daily basis.

We started with a word of prayer from one of the student, Linda Adhiambo.Maria and Silvia SAAS staff gave out the speech stating clearing the expectation of the students during this camp. Tutor were then introduced and among them were Morris muteti, Moses onyango,Fletcher Eboya, Emmanuel Ngala.Fabian Moswa..this tutors are our very own students who have undergone through SAAS organisation. Some of them are still at the university while others were either on internship or working.

The camp started from 8.30 in the morning until 1 pm. Around 70 students were available so we grouped students according to their forms. This ensured that their is effective learning and group discussion. Among this we had 23 Form 1, 22 Form 2, 11 Form 3 and 14 Form 4. We are glad that we have a large space on the SAAS compound hence we utilize also the outside area. They were taught different topics in Maths e.g. statistics, logarithms, trigonometry, matrices etc The office provided refreshments during the Maths camp.

On the final day there were a lot for feedback from the students. Among the feedback was the camp should continue for more days, we should have this program every time they have a vacation. Most of them stated that it helped them a lot in solving the hardest mathematics problems, which initially was hard to crack. They went home very energetic and with a different visual aspect towards Maths as a subject.

We feel that this camp was very successive judging from their comments, initially our student’s feared mathematics and by this camp we are 100% sure that they have started loving it and their grade will improve. It gave us hope seeing them working together in solving Maths problems. We wish to express our gratitude’s to our directors who made this possible by ensuring that we have a premise to host this camp in addition in ensuring stationeries, refreshments are provided to the students during the camp.

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