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Maths Summer Camp 2018

Our 11th Maths camp this time round took place from the 13th to the 17th of August 2018. This is the 5th time in a row maths camp was hosted at the SAAS premises. Since our premises is very small we decided to host only the SAAS kids during the camp. This also has an added advantage since we can focus more on the students and identify their weak areas.

The camp started with prayers from one of the students, Catherie Anyango (Form 2). SAAS staff, Silvia Masere and Maria Nekesa gave a speech to the students. The aim was to state the expectations from them during the camp. Tutors were then introduced. This time round the tutors were Daniel Otieno, Benson Omondi and Elizabeth Nalika. These tutors are our very own students who have gone through the SAAS organisation. Some of them are still at university while others are working.

The camp started from 9am until 1pm for 5 days. Each class had a maximum of 12 students. They were taught different topics in Maths e.g. statistics, logarithms, trigonometry, matrices etc. The students sat in small groups for easier understanding and were able to help each other.

On the final day of the camp, the students gave a lot of appreciation to the SAAS board for organising such a fruitful camp. Most of them stated that it helped them a lot in solving the hardest mathematics problems, which initially were hard to crack. They went home very energetic and with a positive attitude towards maths.

We feel that this camp was very successful as initially our students had a fear of maths. Not knowing that maths is just numbers which are set to confuse them. It gave us hope seeing them working together and helping each other on the best way to tackle a problem. We wish to express our gratitude to our directors who made this possible by ensuring that we have a premises to host this camp and ensuring stationary was provided to the students during the camp.

How Maths Camp has progressed over the last few years:
2008 - our very first Maths Camp attracted 80 students.
2009 - numbers increased to 120 students.
2010 - saw the expansion of Maths Camp to include Chemistry and Physics. Student numbers also swelled to over 300.
2011 - Maths and Physics were offered this year to over 350 students.
2012 - back to basics! The main focus for our 450+ students was Maths, whilst some also brushed up on Physics.
2013 - bigger than ever! A full team of tutors taught Maths, Physics and Chemistry to our eager students.

2014 - bigger than ever! A full team of tutors taught Maths, Physics and Chemistry to our eager students.

2018 Maths Camp Photos

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Maths Camp 2018