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Why We Do It

In 2004 one of our colleagues travelled to Kenya to work with some charitable organisations in one of the poorest slums in Mombasa, a township called Kongowea.

He saw at firsthand the plight of the families there, befriending many, and became a trusted friend of the community.

He realised that schooling and education was the only way that the children of Kongowea had to escape from the trap of poverty, which seems inevitably to lead to drugs, crime, despair and HIV infection, and to restore dignity and hope.

Through his work he was able to support a number of students and allow them to attend secondary school. He funded this by seeking donations from family and friends back home in Ireland.

In 2006 SAAS was established to support this work. We now have a network of volunteers throughout Ireland who are sponsoring children from Kongowea and who work to raise funds to support the work in Mombasa.

In 2007 we were granted charitable status and we are now supporting more than 100 children and their families. You too can become a friend of SAAS and become involved in the work. Any support, no matter how small, will make a difference.