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Maths Camp 2012

Our 5th Maths Camp has proved that sometimes bigger is better!!

Running from Monday 13th to Friday 17th August 2012, this year's Maths Camp welcomed over 450 students through the doors of Kongowea School in Mombasa.

Along with the usual suspects - our wonderful directors Gina Woods and Henry McLoughlin as well as regular volunteer and newly appointed director Ursula Redmond - we welcomed two new volunteers Michele Ferguson and Kathleen Curran. Michele is an old school chum of Gina's from Loreto College in Cavan and is a Maths whizz thanks to their inspirational Honours Maths teacher Mr. "Pops" Plunkett.

Kathleen assisted Gina in tackling the largest group, Form 1 and proved herself a wonderful addition to the Maths Camp Team. Henry and Ursula continued to excel at teaching Forms 2 and 4 respectively. For the first time in many years we were able to offer tuition to Form 3 thanks to Michele Ferguson and local tutor Welland Mugani.

A local tutor, Job, also offered Physics lessons to interested students.

How Maths Camp has performed over the last few years:
2008 - our very first Maths Camp attracted 80 students.
2009 - numbers increased to 120 students.
2010 - saw the expansion of Maths Camp to include Chemistry and Physics. Student numbers also swelled to over 300.
2011 - Maths and Physics were offered this year to over 350 students.
2012 - back to basics! The main focus for our 450+ students was Maths, whilst some also brushed up on Physics.

On behalf of all those who benefited from this year's Maths Camp, I would like to thank all our wonderful volunteers for making it such an amazing success. Without your time, dedication and energy events such as this would not be possible.

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