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Student Fun Day - Mombasa Beach - 10th December 2011

The day started early with all the students congregating at our Kenyan offices at 8 am. We hired two matatus to take our 50 participating students to nearby Mombasa Beach for a day of activities.

The day was officially started with Christian and Muslim prayers lead by Fredrick Onyango (Mombasa Polytechnic University College, Mass Communication) and Mariam Juma (Computer Student, SAAS Office).

To break the ice, all students were asked to introduce themselves to the group and to tell everyone what they are currently studying. Then the real fun began with singing and dancing!

Part of the purpose of the day was to get our students thinking and talking about important issues, so the group was split into 4 teams and each assigned a topic that they felt was relevant to the youth of Mombasa. These were:

  • Youth and Politics
  • Youth, HIV/Aids and Drugs
  • Youth and Education
  • Youth and their Role in the Community

Each team then presented their views on their chosen topic, before the entire group joined in a lively discussion.

An officer from the local children's prison also attended to discuss some of the reasons young people turn to crime and why respecting the law is so important to the whole community. He also emphasised the importance of gaining a good education.

This was followed by an awards ceremony to acknowledge all the hard work the students have put in over the last year. Trophies were awarded as follows:

  • Form 1 Trophy - Elinora Wakio - Mbooni Girls Secondary School - Sponsored by Kate Brand
  • Form 2 Trophy - Ruth Mwikali - Mama Ngina Girls Secondary School - Sponsored by Darren Murphy
  • Form 3 Trophy - Peter Paul Ochieng - Lukore Secondary School - Sponsored by Claire Harrigton
  • Personality Trophy - Danny Otieno - Mariakani Secondary School - Sponsored by Aine O'Donoghue

Peter Paul Ochieng was also awarded a gift certificate as this is his second year receiving an award. Keep up the hard work Peter Paul!

Danny Otieno was awarded the Personality Trophy as he has been consistently improving his grades since he transferred to a Boarding School. You can usually be found in the SAAS library with his head in a book.

Mama Cecelia generously provided refreshments (including homemade doughnuts) as a reward for all our students' hard work.

Whilst the boys went to play football and touch rugby, we organised a Hygiene and Sanitation talk for all the girls present. They were each given a hygiene pack.

After more football, touch rugby and swimming, we ended our day with some prayers of thanks.

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