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Maths Camp Testimonials

Maths Camp 2010 - Student Testimonials

I would like to thank the SAAS team for organising the Maths Camp as I got to learn a lot from this Camp. They made it easier for me to understand this subject that every student dreads. Nowadays I enjoy learning and as I was taught during the Maths camp the key to performing well in this subject is to love it. So that is what I have done and now I score better grades than before. - Sheila Kadeki

Overall the Maths Camp was good, and within a short time I got to learn many things with regard to the subjects that we were taught. I mostly enjoyed Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and would like them to add more subjects like Biology and Business Studies. As these subjects also have calculations and need a lot of attention too. The teachers were supportive, well prepared, punctual and I understood them very well. I am also excited about the coming Maths Camp as I will be able to gain more knowledge. - Lilian Anyango

I take this golden opportunity to comment on the previous Maths Camp which took place at Kongowea primary school in the year 2010. This was one of the most rare opportunities that an individual does get in life and when used adequately are of permanent benefits in a lifetime. Personally as a beneficiary to this Camp, I feel well placed to express my sincere congratulations to the organisers and to the SAAS Team at large. In the first place, it was a great moment for me to be able to meet members of SAAS and share ideas. It is one of the occasions that makes me feel that I am part and parcel to SAAS. Its also the moment I enjoy most since it breaks the monotony in our learning procedures back at school, I am looking forward to the coming Camp this year. - Kennedy Owino

The previous Maths Camp was excellent. I got to learn a lot and also make new friends on the way. The teachers were cooperative and I felt that they knew what they were doing. They also seemed prepared and they could answer all the questions that we would ask them. I felt that the time was very short and that they should have added more subjects. But in general it was a good experience for me. - Nancy Jeremiah

Maths Camp has helped me a lot especially in terms of teaching. I have gained because some of the topics we had not tackled with our school teachers at Kakoneni Secondary School and by the time we reached those topics to me it was revision. It has also given me courage for the subject that I feared. The teachers were also well organized and prepared and this enabled us to understand the topics which I didn't understand before. My wish is to attend the coming maths camp and I will cooperate with the teachers the way I did in the previous years. - Mercy Nangani

I am a form three student at Ribe Boys High School. I have been attending Maths Camp for the past two years and it has been a great help in both academic progress and life experience. In academic it has shed more light in my performance especially in mathematics in which I used to perform poorly. The teachers are very friendly, besides that they give us basic techniques in handling Maths as a subject. In life experience, I have been interacting with different people with whom I exchange ideas on day-to-day experiences. I am now looking forward not to be left out of any of the Camps because it really has helped us as students. - Patyson Nzai

I am in form four at Malindi High School and I have been attending the Maths Camps for the past two years. My experience has been fun and intellectual, and I have always enjoyed it. Even last year when they introduced Chemistry and Physics I was glad since I am taking Chemistry in School and some times I don't understand what my teacher in class is teaching. The topics that I would encourage the tutors to teach more in Chemistry are Gas Laws and Moles and in Mathematics I would like them to emphasize Taxation. - Swaleh Abdul

I would like to say a word of thanks for the Maths Camp I have been attending through the organisation. I am very happy because through the Camp I have interacted with different students from different schools who I share a lot with. The Camp has helped me to cover different topics and also to revise some. The Maths Camp has been encouraging me to do more practise. I appreciate the Camp's teachers because they are very friendly to us. They give us hope and they encourage us never to give up. Last year's Camp was very unique since they introduced Chemistry and Physics which many students feel are hard. To me the Camps are enjoyable and am looking forward for the coming Maths Camp. Thanks for the organisation. - Josephat Musyoki

I heartily give thanks for the Maths Camp. In 2009, it helped me a lot since I couldn't do well in Maths but now I have improved greatly. This was brought about with the interaction that I had with the teachers. They were very understanding. Maths Camp 2010, was good because of the sciences which were introduced. I also appreciate the food because it was delicious. I would also suggest if possible the days could be increased; this is because in five days we cover small part of the syllabus. - Daniel Otieno