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World Drugs Day - 26th June 2011

The 26th June 2011, saw in excess of 3,000 men, women and children take to the streets of Mombasa as part of World Drugs Day.

Muslim Education and Welfare Association (MEWA) in partnership with community leaders, youth groups, women's groups, schools and other local organisations including SAAS organised the event to mark World Drug Day 2011.

This year's events in Mombasa included:

  • A peaceful protest march covering a distance of 50km;
  • discussions highlighting the devastating effect drug use can have on individuals, families and the entire community;
  • as well as entertainment for the whole family throughout the day provided by local youth groups.

The upcoming governor of Mombasa, Suleiman Shahbal, addressed the crowd to highlight the purpose of the event and to remind everyone of this year’s important message:

Do drugs control your life?
Your Life - Your Community.
No place for drugs.
No place for cultivation.

SAAS is a proud supporter of this annual event and has been contributing to this initiative for the past 5 years. We feel that both education and knowledge about the dangers of drug use are vital to ensure this epidemic does not spread.

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