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SAAS Easter Touch Rugby Camp 2011

In April 2011, Gina Woods, SAAS Director and two of our wonderful sponsors, Kevin Stiles and Alison O'Gorman, ventured to Mombasa to see how our Kenyan SAAS team was getting on and to spread their love of all things rugby.

Kevin Stiles is currently a reigning European Champion as part of the Irish International Touch Rugby team. Kevin's been an avid rugby fan from an early age - whilst at university he played for Nottingham and England's Under 21's.

Alison O'Gorman is a qualified fitness instructor and a keen tag rugby player. She has been "tagging" now for a good few years on the pitches in Dublin.

Thanks to a generous donation from DHL, Kevin brought eight DHL World Cup Rugby balls with him to introduce the kids to touch rugby.

With Kevin as head coach, and Alison and Gina as back-up, SAAS's first Easter Touch Rugby Camp was born on Nyali Beach!

The informal camp was hugely popular with training sessions and matches running all week. Approximately 40 kids participated every day - not to mention our Kenyan SAAS team (Ebby, Maria - I've heard you've missed your true calling!).

SAAS challenged all the kids that took part this year to teach at least one other person how to play touch rugby. And we're delighted to report a new epidemic has hit Nyali Beach - rugby fever! There are now regular practice sessions and matches taking place most Saturdays.

SAAS hopes to make this an annual event stay tuned for more information on next year's SAAS Easter Touch Rugby Camp.

If you'd like to get involved or donate unused rugby equipment, please get in touch at

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