Merceline is a full time boarder and in form one at St. Teresa Mwala Girl School. She will be joining form three in January 2020. Merceline is an ambitious young girl, she ... more

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What We Do

SAAS runs a sponsorship programme which enables Kenyan students from marginalised communities to attend post primary education. This sponsorship is coupled with free student services such as counselling and career guidance.

As well as sponsoring students through Secondary School education we also sponsor Vocational Training (Short Courses) such as Plumbing, Hairdressing, Carpentry, Mechanics etc.

We are also involved with school development and have provided several Kenyan schools with computers, sports equipment and books. SAAS also delivers free drugs and HIV/AIDs awareness seminars to young people in the most deprived areas of Kenya and is supported by our partner organisation, MEWA in doing so.

Our Mission

While most of us assume that getting an education is a right sadly this is not the case in Kenya. Our mission is to enable the impoverished in Mombasa to have access to an education. We support families and students in achieving their dreams by sponsoring students to attend school.

Our Values

  • Employ a grass roots approach, so we can engage and support the needs of local communities.
  • Respect, encourage and protect the most vulnerable in our society.
  • Work with ethical organisations that share and practice our values.
  • Ensure that all money donated to support students goes to the students.