David is a very hardworking young boy. He completed his primary level in 2019 where he managed to score 330/500 marks. Hewill be joing form one this year at Goseta Boys’ High ... more

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Family Background

Rama is the second eldest of a family of six. His parents are separated. He lives with his mother and his five siblings in a house made from mud with a thatched roof. They have neither running water nor electricity. With SAAS's help, he is the first of his family to have completed a college course. When SAAS met Rama he was not attending school due to the difficulty of finding funds to pay for school fees. Rama's mother works at Kongowea, a local market, where she sells vegetables.

Due to family financial constraints and the cost of school fees, Rama's mother finds it difficult to keep her children in school. On a good month, she can make Ł20 selling vegetables. A large portion of this must be used to pay for the family's basic needs, food, clothing, etc. School fees are further down the list. However, thanks to our generous sponsors, SAAS has also been able to support Rama's younger brother and in 2008 he successfully completed a two year course in Electrical Studies at Kisauni Youth Polytechnic. He is now working part-time.

Thanks to the extra income Rama and his brother are now receiving, they are able to help their mother pay for the family's daily needs. Currently Rama's three other brothers are in primary school - one in Class Eight and two in Class One. Rama's only sister could not continue her education and was unable to attend Secondary School due to the family's lack of finances and her own poor health. She now has to stay at home and be cared for by her family, taking daily medication to stop her illness progressing.

Personal and Academic Progress

Rama enjoys painting, carpentry and football. His dream is to become a world renowned artist and see his paintings hanging on walls all over the globe.