David is a very hardworking young boy. He completed his primary level in 2019 where he managed to score 330/500 marks. Hewill be joing form one this year at Goseta Boys’ High ... more

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Rama was born on 28th May 1986. In November 2006, he completed his 2 Years College Level at Kisauni Youth Polytechnic where he successfully completed a carpentry course. Rama is a naturally talented artist. With SAAS's help he was able to follow his dream and participated in an Artists Course for 3 months at the Joy and Art Club. He is currently working as an artist. He specializes in working with oils on canvas.

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Rama's Gallery

Here is a selection of his work (click on a picture to see an enlarged version).

Prices range from €50 to €100.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Rama's work please email us at info@saas.ie.

Professionally Mounted, Black Border

3 Bowls

5 Bottles

Boat at Night


Pouring Jugs

Smoking Jugs

Water Bowls

Professionally Mounted, White Border

Fort Jesus

Street Scene




Night Boat


Boat at Sunset


Beach (sold)

Elephants (sold)

Elephants (sold)

Elephants (sold)

Fort Jesus 1 (sold)

Fort Jesus 3 (sold)

Hammerheads (sold)

Masi Set 1 (sold)

Masi Set 2 (sold)

Masi Set 3 (sold)

Masi (sold)

Sunset (sold)

Zebras in the Wild (sold)